Project X is a teen party taken to extremes. Uncool seniors, Thomas, Costa and JB, plan a house party to increase their popularity. By publicising the party online the guys get thousands of people to attend and it quickly spirals out of control, bringing destruction to the residential streets of California.

Project X’s main characters are less likeable and far less comedic than in other films of this genre, making it unpopular with many. But its confrontational style builds a different atmosphere – a more threatening one that works in a different way to films such as Superbad and The Hangover. Project X is all about the evolution of one long party, the descent into total disaster. It’s worth seeing Project X just to see how far it will go.

Despite it’s somewhat cliche subplots (theft of drugs from a dealer and consequent retribution), the film does have some interesting style touches. For instance, using home-style footage of other partygoers to tell a more complete picture of the party’s chaos, outside the main trio’s perspective.

Project X is a different, more extreme take on the teen party genre. If you fancy watching one long party with the ultimate bass filled soundtrack, then Project X is probably for you. Personally, I’m more excited about Project X creator, Michael Bacall’s, next film, 21 Jump Street (released 16 March).

VERDICT:   ✪ ✪

For more information see the official Project X website