Released today is the heavily advertised comedy Wanderlust starring Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as a Manhattan couple who try out life in a rural, hippy-style community. Wanderlust has averaged around three stars in the main UK newspapers, so if your a fan of Aniston or Rudd then this is probably worth a chance.


Also out today is the romantic comedy This Means War starring Reese Witherspoon as Lauren, a woman dating two CIA agents buddies (Chris Pine, Tom Hardy) who begin a battle for her affections when she gives herself a week to decide between them. This Means War has scored comparatively worse with critics than Wanderlust, but if you’re struggling to choose between them you can see the trailers on the Fiction Adore You Tube channel.

Next on this week’s releases list is Project X. Three high school seniors put on a birthday party that rapidly gets out of control. Featuring three newcomers (Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown) this is an 18 certificate so expect some outrageous antics, drugs and nudity etc.

Also collecting an average number of stars from critics this week is Hunky Dory. Starring Minnie Driver as drama teacher Vivienne, Hunky Dory is set in the summer of 1976 and focusses on Vivienne’s attempts to engage her class in putting on an end of year musical version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Even in the trailer, Hunky Dory’s beautiful cinematography gives off a summer, 70s hued vibe.

Gaining the most stars from critics this week though, including a full five stars in The Guardian, is Michael (out on limited release at major cities). Bucking the trend of comedy releases this week, Michael focusses on the home life a paedophile, who has a young boy locked in the cellar below his house. From Austrian film-maker Markus Schleinzer, Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian describes Michael as ‘not merely a chilling insight into the day-to-day banality of evil, but also an unbearably suspenseful and tense drama’.

The chilling, Michael