The Sitter is a bit of light relief from star Jonah Hill after his more serious role in Moneyball. It follows Noah (Jonah Hill), a suspended college student, as he is coaxed into babysitting three kids for the night. When his girlfriend calls and asks him to pick up some drugs for her party, Noah pops the kids in the car and they set off into a night plagued with robbery, parties and fights with drug lords.

This is not one of Jonah Hill’s better films. Although there are a number of good gags, most of the humour surrounds Blithe (Landry Bender), Noah’s youngest charge who wants to be a celebrity and acts much too old for her age. As for the others, Rodrigo’s character, who is adopted from Mexico, is just too far fetched and Slater’s character simply isn’t given enough good material.

The Sitter does have plenty of sentiment though. Noah sees the kids for who they really are, giving them plenty of advice for the future, and learns a lot about his own lifestyle. All of the main characters are loveable and Jonah Hill is able to keep the, somewhat tired, chase around the city amusing.

What really damages this film though are the stereotypical and cliche gangsters who litter at least two thirds of the film. The Sitter would have been much improved if Noah had just stayed indoors and interacted with the kids on their own turf.

If you desperately need to see a comedy, then you might as well give The Sitter a go. But don’t miss all the other good films that are showing at the moment.

VERDICT:   ✪ ✪

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